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Breakfast is served from 8.00 to 9.30 and includes a rich free buffet. Eggs (in the way you like), crepes, donuts and drinks are prepared at the moment. Please book your lunch and dinner after breakfast end let us know  if you have any problems related to allergies or intolerances.


For lunch we usually prepare cold dishes, large mixed salads, toasts, sandwiches, fruit salad. Our dinner menu is based on reviewed traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients bought the same day and expresses all the flavour of Gallura. 



Our Way

chef's style

Our menu is based on traditional Mediterranean dishes, cooked with local ingredients: lemon and yogurt sour, mint, rosemary, mirto, fresh aromatic herbs, fruit from the garden and limoncello home made, pecorino cheese and mussels from Cugnana lagoon and a good selection of Vermentino di Gallura, the best local wine. You can enjoy your food and drink on the terrace seaview without the worry of driving. It’s our way to make your dishes light but still delicious with all the Sardinian scents.