Capriccioli beach

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In Sardinia there are dreamy beaches, comparable to the Caribbean ones.

Tourists often ask where they can find those paradisiacal, uncontaminated and uncrowded beaches in mid August (!?!).
In Alaska for sure!

No panic, you can organize your holiday and we’ll give you some suggestions about winds, parking lots, crowded or unknown itineraries and every sea lover will enjoy the sun. Meanwhile, we have selected a dozen beaches, close to Villa Anastasia, that can not be missing in the holidays selfies.

Rena Bianca (4 km from Villa Anastasia): it’s called the children’s beach. It has a shallow seabed and fine sand. You can leave your family right to the beach and then come back to park your car in the wide paid parking lots 500 meters before. In August it could be crowded, so we recommend booking umbrellas.

Razza di Iuncu (7 km from Villa Anastasia): dogs are allowed, There is also a heliport and a small restaurant. It is very beautiful. If you are not afraid of dogs keep it in mind because it could be one of the least crowded in the high season. Moreover, a short path leads you to Petra Ruja.

Petra Ruja (7 km from Villa Anastasia): a jewel. This beach is crescent shaped, with two headlands. We advice you to get here from Razza di Iuncu beach and not from the road that comes from Liscia Ruja. It’s one of the beaches protected from the wind and one of the least crowded during the summer.

Liscia Ruja  (12 km from Villa Anastasia). Mainstream beach. It is the largest beach in the area. The gate to the dusty road leading to the beach is in Capriccioli area. Large paid parking lots close to the beach, trendy bars and restaurants, large yachts and stunning landscapes.

Cala del Principe (14 km from Villa Anastasia). Dream beach in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Reachable through a small path that starts from the parking lot. Fine sand, granite rocks and Caribbean sea. The color and the clearness of the sea are due to the backdrop made of sand and granite. Crowded in high season.

Costa Serena (27 km from Villa Anastasia). Shortly after Palau, you can reach the touristic complex of Costa Serena where start the paths that lead to the small beaches of Porto Cuncato, Le Piscine and Talmone. Set among the limestone rocks, they offer beautiful landscapes and transparent waters. They are not extremely touristic and they are amazing for snorkeling.

Caprera Island (30 km from Villa Anastasia. You have to go to Palau, take ferry- it’s possible to go with car-, and reach La Maddalena harbour). Caprera is linked to La Maddalena island by a bridge, there is the house of Garibaldi, a museum, a sailing school, dreamy beaches. We recommend you Cala Coticcio (also called “Cala Thaiti”): this awesome beach is reachable through an impervious path (use sneakers no sandals!). It’s small, uncomfortable, crowded and wonderful. You should move early in the morning!

Cala Pitrizza (25 km from Villa Anastasia) Between Palau and Costa Smeralda you could find dozens of small and not very crowded beaches, but beautiful. Cala Pitrizza, near Liscia di Vacca, is one of these. The name comes from the granite pebbles that form the sand of the beach. It belongs to a luxury hotel.

San Teodoro (25 km from Villa Anastasia). One of the most important touristic destinations on the coast. Lively and full of little nice shops, San Teodoro includes in its territory some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. We mention Porto Taverna, La cinta, Cala Brandinchi and we suggest Lu Impostu.

Tavolara island (20 km from Villa Anastasia). Extremely strange island, is a long strip of sand and a high mountain, reachable only with Hiking Guides. You can arrive by a small ferry from Porto San Paolo in 20 minutes by boat (no car).