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Tomba di Giganti La Pascaredda - Calangianus

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Sardinia is an ancient region in every sense. In fact, in addition to being geologically, it is also the Italian region with traces of more ancient civilizations dating back to the Palaeolithic era. Today it is scattered with remains dating back from the Neolithic to the Punic, Roman and Byzantine periods, naturally passing through the Nuragic Civilization.

It is possible to visit both the museums and the various sites of each historical and prehistoric era located a few km away from Villa Anastasia, such as the Archaeological Museum of Olbia, the Sacred Well Sa Testa, the nuragic sites of La Prisgionia and Lu Coddu Ecchiu in Arzachena, but there are many others.

A short distance from Villa Anastasia is the Punic watchtower of Punta Nuraghe in Porto Rotondo at the end of the road leading to the famous Ira beach. It was part of a complex sighting system that had a structure even a few hundred meters from here on one of these hills.

If you are fond of military history, in Palau and along the coast that goes up to Santa Teresa Gallura you can visit the installations of the Italian Navy built at the turn of the two world wars and the ancient Aragonese tower of Lungoni.