Wine routes

The first traces of wine-growing activity in Sardinia are very ancient and date back to around 1400 BC. Vermentino which is a relatively recent introduction is not an indigenous grape variety but was imported with great success, probably by the Spanish around 1700.

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escursionismo e trekking

Guided hiking tour

Are you new to the Lake George mountain hiking region or looking to find some new lines? Let us dial you into some of Lake George finest trails and we’ll promise to put a smile on your face. The best trails with breathtaking views.

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Tomba di Giganti La Pascaredda - Calangianus

Archaeological itineraries

Sardinia is an ancient region in every sense. In fact, in addition to being geologically, it is also the Italian region with traces of more ancient civilizations dating back to the Palaeolithic era. Today it is scattered with remains dating back from the Neolithic to the Punic, Roman and Byzantine periods, naturally passing through the Nuragic Civilization.

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Mountain bike

The Costa Smeralda has been made famous not only for the attendance of international VIPs but also for the Rally which has grown in importance, becoming the Italian stage of the WRC and the only race entirely on dirt roads. These same Gallura roads are now recognized as one of the mountain bike paradises.

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