Bed & breakfast near the sea in Costa Smeralda

Our B&B near the sea in Costa Smeralda has so many beautiful beaches nearby, let’s see some.

Portisco beach is about 10 minutes from our Bed & Breakfast.

The beach of Portisco is located in the western part of the Gulf of Cugnana and is bordered to the north by a rocky tongue and the island of Portisco from which it takes its name. In the southern area there is a well-equipped port for pleasure boats of all kinds. The beach offers a landscape of great beauty, with very striking color games. The beach has a fine white sand with exposed rocks. The beach of Portisco is characterized by a sandy and shallow seabed that makes it easy to children’s bathe.

Ira beach is about 12 minutes from our Bed & Breakfast near the sea in Costa Smeralda.

Ira beach is located in Punta Nuraghe, which divides the Gulf of Porto Rotondo from that of Cugnana. The sea has a strong shade of turquoise, while the beach has fine white sand where some granite rocks emerge.

Its beauty has made it famous all over the world and has always been a favorite of many VIPs. Its name is linked to its history: this beautiful beach was in fact the favorite of Princess Ira Funstenberg, who lived in one of the villas that line the beach.

The beach of Liscia Ruja is less than 20 minutes from our Bed & Breakfast near the sea in Costa Smeralda.

Liscia Ruja is located within a large bay and is known to be among the largest in the entire Costa Smeralda area, reaching 500 meters in length.

The sand is white and soft and fades to pink on the shore, while the sea, depending on the sun, acquires green or turquoise shades. It is surrounded by a wide green band of Mediterranean vegetation. The beach is equipped with all types of services, from parking (for a fee), to the rental of equipment, to dining options.

Not far away is the beach of Cala Petra Ruja, which has facilities to facilitate access to the disabled.

Our Bed & Breakfast overlooking the sea of the Costa Smeralda is just 20 minutes drive from Olbia airport.

Villa Anastasia position is particularly favorable also from distances. In fact it is only 10 km from the Olbia Costa Smeralda international airport, without however having any disadvantage in terms of acoustics. A nice comfort especially if you have a rental car to be returned at the airport.

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